Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A thank you to all who have been a part of the adventure

I was just thinking that I have neglected to publicly thank all of the wonderful people who worked with me on this documentary. I'm almost afraid to name names for fear that I leave anyone out.

Bert Atkinson, thank you for your time and for sharing your appreciation of Charles Lummis with me. I look forward to seeing your documentary one day, and I hope that you will keep at it. There is no one more devoted to this subject than you.

I want to thank Kim Walters, for all of your time and sharing your remarkable knowledge of Charles Lummis, the importance of his legacy and his impact on California and Los Angeles. Jonathan Spaulding, thank you for the beautiful script that you wrote so well and for all of our pow-wows and plans. I am very grateful to you for all of fun we shared working on this!

Thanks to Neal Brown for driving out to the Mojave Desert to film our promo, which is beautiful. Beth Spiegel, thank you for editing our footage and holding my hand. Pablo Castel de Oro, your re-enactment of Lummis tramping across the desert was most convincing! And thank you to our crew, Andrew McKay, Nikki Rose and Cesar Cejudo.I'll never forget what fun we shared, including the delicious fiesta that followed!

Melinda Utal-Martinez- you kept me afloat when I thought I couldn't keep going. You are someone that everyone should have close by when navigating an ambitious undertaking! Mary Trunk gave me wonderful filmmaker to filmmaker advice, as did my entire supportive Cinewomen group.

Mark Thompson, I revisited our interview at the Southwest Museum many times for information, thank you. Lisa Posas, thank you for your help as the project began. Your interest meant so much to me. Marilyn Van Winkle, thank you for the images that you helped me to license and for your positive encouragement. Dennis Harbach, thank you for your interest and offer to help. Lynn Holley, thank you for your efforts and friendship. I know I'm leaving people out, but today felt like a good day to say thank you.

Lastly, I want to mention and thank Scott Shumaker. I'm so happy to have discovered you, and our lunch at the Autry was inspiring and fun. I love that you followed the path of Charles Lummis and shared it so interestingly. Keep at it. You are a very fine writer! http://southwesttramp2010.blogspot.com/2010/01/finding-lummis-trail.html

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